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The Handbook of Texas Family Law

"The Handbook of Texas Family Law" provides two books in one: The Texas Family Code, and a quick reference text explaining the provisions of the code. Users will find a user-friendly index, pertinent case law within the text, library references to additional materials when more detailed research is necessary, and an end to formal and distracting methods when citing code sections. Recodified and former code sections clearly indicated together, taking the guesswork out of matching old and new code sections and provisions.

"The Handbook of Texas Family Law" is the only reasonably priced one volume handbook in Texas which includes the family code, explains its provisions, and cites authority in an easy to find, easy to use manner. No need to wonder, for example, if Texas has a palimony statues, and how it would be indexed. Just look up "palimony" in the index.

The book includes topics such as prenuptial agreements, standing to bring suit, jurisdictional issues concerning children, paternity, custody and related issues, community and separate property and property division, and attorney fees; all discussed in clear, concise language. The text includes practice tips, practice warnings to avoid pitfalls, and an emphasis on the many new code provisions, including such things as the paternity registry, administrative writs of withholding, additional suits requiring the pleadings to include the mediation statement and the amended and altered provision concerning attorney and guardian ad litems; the additional grounds for parental termination and expanded visitation guidelines, just to name a few.

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Some of the information and research features include the following:

*    Combined references to old and new code sections. For example: "The family code provides for the modification of a sole managing conservatorship. [156.101] (14.08)

*    A quick reference index at the beginning of each chapter giving both the text section and code section to find a topic or area of interest easily.

*    Formal and distracting methods of citing code sections have been eliminated. For example, "section 151.001" or "[151.001] will always refer to a section in the Texas Family Code unless otherwise indicated.

*    Chapter and text section references to additional research materials.

*    Convenient listings not otherwise available in any other material. For example, chapter 30 lists at least thirty events permitting the recovery of attorney fees.

*    An attached Texas Family Code, for ready and quick reference to the statutes.

Many areas of Texas family law, by statute and case law, have experienced rapid change. In all matters for research, the practitioner should take reasonable care to determine current law.

Summary of Contents:

Getting Married
Ending the Marriage
Jurisdiction Over the Respondent
Attorney Fees
Court Masters/Associate Judges
Table of Statues
Table of Court Rules
Table of cases
Handbook Index
Appendix - Family Code

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